Secure Video Hosting For Training Your People

JibeCast lets you share video privately, securely,
and painlessly with your company, clients, and students!

  • Save Time – A proven time saving machine for you that will save hours by making your video content, knowledge, and how-to information available on-demand.
  • Peace Of Mind – Eliminate worry that your competition will get your content, It’s in the vault here.
  • Impress The Big Boss Man – HD, BIG file support, Global Streaming, Secure Access, Mobile Playback, AMAZING METRICS, HTML5.
  • Improve Your Business – Give your company an unfair advantage by giving them on-demand access to your content and save massive amounts of training resources in the process.
  • Build Community Around Distributed Teams – People in Rome, LA, New York? no problem!
    easily, globally share everywhere and get everyone on the same page.
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The Closely Held Secret Platform Used By The Insiders

Our Amazing Clients Have Kept This Close To The Chest, But The Wrapping Paper Has Come Off.
Trusted By Fortune 500 Companies, Small To Medium Sized Firms,
Non-Profit, Public Agencies, And Franchised Organizations

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Everyone Loves JibeCast

Used by Elite Trainers, Business Owners, and Leaders From Around The World. Here’s Why

Users Love It

  • So easy it doesn’t come with a manual.
  • On – demand video at the fingertips of your users.
  • No schedule conflicts to worry about or coordinate. Get the training when and where you want it.
  • Access from anywhere
  • Learn from their peers through integrated commenting.
  • Frustration free video streaming allows you to click anywhere in the video without waiting for it to buffer.
  • Fast Forward, Rewind, Repeat, watch what you need, when you need it.
  • Jumpstart new hires and staff to give them access to answers when they need them.

Trainers & IT Love It

  • Your content will look great
  • Easy to implement with flexible user administration
  • Get your training out fast and measure it
  • Become the franchised player in your company by making HD video available to everyone anywhere.
  • HTML5 video player means your video will play anywhere
  • A “can’t be this easy” upload process that automagically allows your video to be played anywhere
  • Create your own categories to organize your videos and training
  • Frees up your time by making video easy to distribute securely instead of timesucking live training.

Owners, Leaders, and Enterprises Love It

  • Your team will have the communication and training they need faster than you ever dreamed possible
  • We have got your back, with our support staff.
  • Custom tailored to make it look like your own brand
  • Eliminate the need for more live webinars covering the same information. Store the old ones on JibeCast and now you have a valuable training resource.
  • Create clients that love doing business with you by giving them training on your product or service on-demand
  • Maximize your distributed teams potential by giving them the content and training to win.
  • Wickedly effective at saving you and your team time and money.

Why Choose JibeCast?

With Concrete Results, Happy Customers, Real ROI, Trust From Top Companies & Industry Firsts
It’s Hard Not To Choose JibeCast

Concrete Results

JibeCast’s video platform has been proven to save up to 75% of the time spent on sharing video and training distributed teams.



Trusted By Top Companies

Don’t find yourself in the deep end of the pool with another application. From small mom and pop shops to Fortune 500 companies JibeCast has customers in every market segment.

Whether you need to deliver content to 20 people or thousands, JibeCast has been proven to deliver.

Mega-Valuable With Clear ROI

Time and money, keep more of it by using JibeCast to share your video content.

Every $1 spent on JibeCast has been proven to save $10 in time and resources over other training and video sharing methods.

You will have bragging rights at your next operations and budget meeting.



Share Video Files Of Any Size Securely And Privately

If your video content gets into the wrong hands it could be bad for you and your company.

Sleep well at night, share your proprietary content without fearing it getting into the wrong hands.

Stop using public video sharing sites that were never designed for your most valuable video and training content.

Super Valuable Resource Library

Take all of your webinars, video calls, web trainings, record them and save them securely in JibeCast.

A super valuable asset has now been created instantly for your company…Huge Value!

Your staff will be sending you thank you letters.



Get Setup In Minutes Without IT Support

IT is not an option because you don’t have an IT person or you don’t have hours of their time to make something happen.

You need to get your videos into the right hands and you need to do it now with very little setup.

Sign up for a free test drive and start uploading your videos today.

Innovate Your Training

Stop doing the same “live” training covering the same thing you already covered 20X before.

Record it, Share it…No more schedule conflicts…Happy People!

Enjoy your new found time and promotion.



Tons Of Amazing Features

At JibeCast, we believe in making even the most complicated features simple and accessible for companies of all sizes.

So we not only offer industry first features like a built in form builder to create your own surveys and quizzes that you can attach to your videos, we also make things very easy to use.

Check out our list of features for more information on what we have to offer.

Mobile Friendly, HTML5 Player

Most video platforms are still using flash and will have to be dragged kicking and screaming before they update to modern technology. We are leading the way with a pure HTML5 player setup to Play your video content anywhere and on just about anything.

With distributed data centers around the globe, your content will stream just about everywhere.

Yes, you can do your training from anywhere in the world now, including your home office.



Impress Your Clients

At JibeCast we’re not just about “Saving Time”. We want to make your business be more professional too.

Customize your colors, upload your logo, add your videos and share them with your clients.


No Contracts, Simple Pricing & Free 14 Day Test Drive

We believe that long term contracts are Obscene.

Pay per month for JibeCast, and upgrade, downgrade or cancel at any time.

Our pricing is simple and transparent, what you see is what you will get billed – no hidden costs.

We’re so confident that JibeCast will work for you, that we’re offering you two free weeks, cancelable at any time. If you have five minutes, start sharing video for free with JibeCast today.