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    With JibeCast, you control every video, public, private, internal, or external. It’s your content, you control who sees it.

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  • Need To Train Your Team, Customers, or Prospects?

    No problem, we make training, collaborating, and communicating with anyone easy.

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    We enable your team, company, and customers to share, organize, and find knowledge on-demand.

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  • Doing Things The Old Way?

    Who has the time to do webinars anymore, and is anyone paying attention? Upload your webinars and documents to Jibecast and now you have an on-demand library your people will love.

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Anytime, Anywhere, On-Demand

Learning takes place everywhere today and according to the IDC, employees spend 30 percent of their time each week searching for answers related to their job that can’t be found in any current training program. JibeCast makes creating and sharing training videos easy for anyone connected to your business, we guarantee it.

what customers are saying

"It works great with our distributed teams and franchisees. JibeCast has definitely been a great fit for us. It has allowed us to store our entire library of training and leadership videos in one location with ease, and allow access to all of our franchise owners.”

Mollie Eichman, Training Director-Just Between Friends

"The application has been great, easy to use, and easy to deploy training and how-to videos to our retail staff."

John Furton, Vice President-Family Video


Video comes in lots of different formats and sizes and often, they are not compatible with different browsers or devices. With JibeCast, you can upload almost any video format and we will automagically make it playable just about anywhere.


JibeCast stores content and user data in the cloud with distributed data centers around the world. The information stored in these data centers is accessible only by encrypted endpoints.


JibeCast's analytics show you the overall effectiveness of your material. Not only can you track which members viewed your content down to the second, you can learn the viewing patterns for a given video.


JibeCast makes it easy to share video and other content securely with the people that need to see it. Whether it's your salesforce or your customers and partners.


When you watch most videos today, after they finish, there is no call to action. JibeCast has created the first form builder that you can use to build custom web forms, quizzes and surveys and embed them right into your videos.


Attach your files, powerpoints, pdfs, documents right to your videos. Say goodbye to searching through file systems for the presentation that goes with the video.


Sometimes content needs to live outside of the walled garden. With JibeCast, you can embed your video content just about anywhere from your LMS to your Intranet, from your website to your blog.


Built in content creation tools. JibeCast allows you to upload any video but also allows you to record video off of your webcam or your screen. Now you can create video content and distribute it securely in minutes.

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JibeCast enables your company to create and share knowledge with ease.

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