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Simplicity Included

Most applications are burdened with too many features that rarely get used by most people. This makes them difficult to use and clunky. Ours is clean, simple, and amazingly easy to use for you and your end users.



An Amazing Player

With controls to let you change the playback speed to thumbnail snapshots in the video timeline bar that let you navigate quickly to areas of interest. You will see quickly, this is not like all the other “players”.

Skip To Anywhere In The Video

Most video platforms have to buffer your video before they will start to play the video. We use premium high bandwidth global distribution and technology that lets you click anywhere in the video timeline and play it back from there, even if your video is two hours long.



Custom Branding

Make it look like your brand to your employees, customers, or partners:

  • Colors
  • Buttons
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Upload Almost Any Video Format

Video comes in lots of different formats and sizes and often, they are not compatible with different browsers or devices. With JibeCast, you can upload almost any video format and we will automagically make it playable just about anywhere.



Safe And Security

JibeCast stores content and user data in the cloud with distributed data centers around the world. The information stored in these data centers is accessible only by encrypted endpoints.

That means your content can only be accessed by the people you share it with.

Know Who Watched What, When

JibeCast’s analytics show you the overall effectiveness of your material.

Not only can you track which members viewed your content down to the second, you can learn the viewing patterns for a given video.



Sharing It

JibeCast makes it easy to share video and other content securely with the people that need to see it.

Whether it’s your salesforce or your customers and partners.

Attach Your Files

Attach your files, powerpoints, pdfs, documents right to your videos. Say goodbye to searching through file systems for the presentation that goes with the video.



Commenting and Communication

JibeCast has built in commenting, allowing your users to collaborate together. Commenting can be turned on or off for any video.

Your Video, Everywhere You Want It

Sometimes content needs to live outside of the walled garden. With JibeCast, you can embed your video content just about anywhere from your LMS to your Intranet, from your website to your blog.